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Gardens by the Bay Bundle

Explore Singapore’s latest garden attraction - Gardens by the Bay!

Gardens by the Bay is an urban oasis in the midst of the bustling city centre. Featuring a picturesque collection of outdoor gardens and lakes, the Gardens also include the signature Flower Dome and Cloud Forest cooled conservatories as well as the landmark Supertrees that capture imagination and inspire awe.

Gardens by the Bay - Flower Dome, Cloud Forest & OCBC Skyway
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                                                 Cloud Forest

  • Experience Singapore's award winning Gardens by the Bay.
  • Marvel at exotic plants, gigantic super-trees, and dazzling flower displays.
  • Enter a World of Perpetual Spring, where Unique Plants Bloom!

  • Step into the largest glass greenhouse in the world as listed in 2015 Guinness World Record!

  • Enter the mysterious Cloud Forest world veiled in mist.
  • Learn about the magnificent OCBC Skyway bridge and see the enchanting Super-trees up close 

What To Expect


Flower Dome

Step into Flower Dome, a cooled conservatory displaying exotic plants from the Mediterranean belt. Embark on a botanical journey with plants like the Baobab trees, the Madagascar Ghost Tree, and the 1000-year-old Olive tree.

Cloud Forest 

Enter another world as you step into the aptly named Cloud Forest, a mysterious world veiled in mist. With a 35-metre tall mountain covered in lush vegetation shrouding one of the world’s tallest indoor waterfalls, the Cloud Forest showcases plant life from the wet and cool highlands around the world.

OCBC Skyway

At a height of 22 metres and surrounded by panoramic vistas of the Gardens and Marina Bay skyline, this 128-metre-long aerial walkway is an experience not to be missed.

Additional Info.
  • Ticket has to be redeemed at #01-207 City Tourist Hub @ Marina Square Shopping Mall.
  • Free 1-way shuttle service from Marina Square Shopping Mall. Shuttle Timing starts from 1045hrs - 1645hrs (every 1 hour)
  • Admission to Flower Dome, Cloud Forest & OCBC Skyway must be used on the same day.

  • In the event of bad weather, OCBC Skyway will not be in operation and tickets are not refundable. Guests may present their tickets at the Main Group Ticketing Counter to redeem for a souvenir.
Gardens by the Bay Maintanence Date (2020)
Flower Dome

Tue, 14 Jan Tue, 11 Feb
Tue, 03 Mar
Tue, 07 Apr
Tue, 19 May Tue, 16 June
Tue, 14 Jul Tue, 18 Aug
Tue, 22 Sept
Tue, 13 Oct
Tue, 10 Nov Tue, 15 Dec

Cloud Forest

Mon, 13 Jan Mon, 10 Feb Mon, 02 Mar
Mon, 06 Apr
Mon, 18 May Mon, 15 June
Mon, 13 Jul Mon, 17 Aug
Mon, 21 Sept
Mon, 12 Oct Mon, 09 Nov Mon, 14 Dec

OCBC Skyway

Mon, 20 Jan
Mon, 17 Feb Mon, 23 Mar
Mon, 20 Apr Mon, 04 May
Mon, 01 June
Mon, 20 Jul
Mon, 24 Aug Mon, 28 Sept
Mon, 19 Oct Mon, 16 Nov
Mon, 21 Dec


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