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Wat Pho Bangkok, Thailand

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Wat Pho Bangkok - possibly the most interesting temple in Thailand. Home of the famous Reclining Buddha.


Sanam Chai road and Maharaj road next to the Wat Pho.

How to get there

Bus routes 1, 3, 12, 25,44, 47, 53 Charter and transport hire is available.

Call (+65) 6333 8100 or eMail us for booking.

Wat Pho's official name is Wat Phrachetuphon Vimon Mangkararam Ratchaworamahawihan. Wat Pho combines history, medical science and is a center for meditaion and traditional massage training.

Founded during the 16th century, Wat Pho is home to the golden reclining Buddha that measues 46 metres and has feet inlaid with mother-of pearl. This is the main attraction that draws visitors to the temple. In more modern times, Wat Pho has gained international recognition as a meditation centre and for the traditional Thai massage that is both practiced and taught here.

King Rama III turned Wat Po into a major centre for learning in botany, geography and history. Traditionally, temples were the schools as there was no formal education system, with monks providing basic lesson in both spiritual and secular subjects.

Nearby, there is a cloister where you can have a traditional Thai massage for a very small payment. For those interested in traditional Thai medicine there is a pavilion that serves to both impart knowledge and provide treatment. The walls have marble tablets describing basic anatomy and treatments. In the late afternoon, traditional medicine practitioners are there to dispense herbal mixtures.

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