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All About Shopping in the Bustling Markets of Singapore

A paradise for people who adore shopping, Singapore is full of bustling markets and busy bazaars. If you happen to be in town you simply cannot leave until you visit some of the night-markets or 24x7 bazaars to grab some cutios of souvenirs.

Take a peek at some of the top Singapore shopping areas where you can shop till you drop.


Bargain at Mustafa Centre's
Shopping fans who are wondering about things to buy in Singapore can make a beeline for Mustafa Centre's. It is quite renowned for its a 24x7 shopping paradise that caters to people having all kinds of budgets.

Since the merchandise is priced reasonably, shoppers head to the market all day and all night. Lately observed to be a wholesale market, Mustafa Centre is where you can snag some great bargains on expensive items like jewelry.

That being said, there are also a host of other items for the place has anything and everything under the sun.

Haji Lane

If you are a fan of vintage clothing, then visiting Haji Lane is a must. The place is the true essence of shopping in Singapore with winding lanes that are full of exciting shops that contains some great finds, should you take the time to look.


The best part is that all of this comes at some very affordable prices. Gold and silver items along with clothes can be a real find at Haji Lane and suprise quite a few shoppers.

Bugis Street

Bringing you the best of Singapore shopping Bugis Street has tens of hundreds of stores that sell you the best in high fashion. Right from garments, shoes and jewelry, you can find all of the latest trends in the stores.


The magic of this place is that it is updated on a day-to-day basis so that it always keeps up with the latest clothing never to disappoint tourist. Like many places in the sizzling city-state, lots of merchandise can be bought for upwards of S$5.

Fabulously Gigantic Mall: ION Orchard
Quite a sight to see, the ION Orchard is a huge establishment that is sure to stun onlookers. Built to resemble an ultramodern spaceship, it is a place that you certainly must visit. The glorious mall has retail outlets on eight storeys and has a mind boggling number of 48 residential storey's as well. 

One of the best places in Singapore for fine dining, thee place has a lot to offer visiting tourists and interested locals.

So if trooping down winding lanes and cramped alleys listening to the buzzing hum of noises is your thing; make a beeline for some of these markets for a unique shopping experience.

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