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4 Things To Do On Valentine's Day In Singapore




January 27, 2023

Valentine’s Day in Singapore is a popular holiday. While normally associated with romance, it’s also a day when friends just band together and celebrate each other’s company and relationships. Luckily for them, Singapore city has many places to go and things to do. Whether you’re with a partner, a friend, or even with family members, here are some popular options you can partake in on the day. In fact, we’ll show you how you can enjoy these experiences, with just ONE special city pass. Read on to find out more!

House on the Moon Singapore Dessert

Dessert Set at House on the Moon

1) Enjoy fine dessert dining

Yes, you heard it right - fine dessert dining! House on the Moon is an experience that you won’t find at the average restaurant. The desserts take the center stage there. In fact, a multi-course meal is created using ingredients and techniques usually reserved for the creation of desserts.

Don’t expect simple categories of “sweet” versus “savoury” or “warm” vs “cold. Their desserts are designed to blur the boundaries between these as they offer delicacies such as salted egg yolk ice-cream and cauliflower couscous - a jellified cream of cauliflower topped with tangerine sorbet and a sourdough cracker. Absolutely divine!

Sunset Cruise on Captain Explorer DUKW (pronounced as DUCK)

Sunset Cruise at the Marina Bay on DUKW Boat

2) Watch the sunset on our DUKW boat ride

Grab a ride on our Vietnam War-era vehicle - the only one that drives both on water and on land! You’ll congregate at Marina Square shopping Centre before splashing into Maria Bay. Enjoy the view of our most iconic attractions such as Esplanade (yes, The Durian), and Gardens by the Bay come to life just as the sun disappears in the horizon. What a treat!

Singaore Night Safari Tram Experience

Singapore Night Safari Tram Experience

3) Hop on a Tram over at the Night Safari 

Welcome to the world of nocturnal creatures! Take a comfortable tram ride through the zoo grounds as dusk falls. The Night Safari is the world’s first nocturnal wildlife park, complete with a “Creatures of the Night” presentation at their Amphitheatre and lots of souvenirs to bring home with you.

Sentosa Wings of Time Light and Water Show

Sentosa Wings of Time Light and Water Show

4) Head over to Sentosa Island on a Bus Tour and catch the “Wings of Time”

Sentosa is the perfect spot for a tourist getaway. It is, of course, a little island playground in one of the greenest and cleanest cities in the world. The two-hour bus ride is comfortable and air-conditioned (a must in this perpetual summer heat!). You’ll be accompanied by an experienced and friendly guide as you get ready to take in all those incredible sights - right in the comfort of your bus.

As night falls, be sure to end your day at Sentosa with a spectacular light water show called “Wings of Time”. There’ll be music, dance, fire, laser shows and even a fireworks display, so this is the place to be for sure!

All the tickets could be purchased independently, of course, but why not get a city pass instead? You’ll be able to enjoy the dessert and DUKW tour (worth $60) as well as TWO additional attractions of your own choosing. Grab more food. Or take a walk in the misty Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay. Mix and match according to your desires. The potential for fun is endless!

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