1 Day Singapore Travel FunVee Guide
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1 Day Guide To Experiencing Singapore Like A Local




February 27, 2023

Have you always been curious about the bright, orange open-top bus that’s whizzing around the city and wondered where they might be heading to? Well, here’s a sneak peek into the adventures you might have on the FunVee buses! Unlike Singapore’s public transport, these buses let you hop on and hop off at popular tourist attractions in Singapore. It’s the perfect way to experience Singapore like a local! Here’s how we did it.

Singapore Kaya Toast Classic Breakfast

Classic breakfast set at Ya Kun Kaya Toast

9.45 a.m. - Eat like a local - Kopi and Eggs please

The day starts early for us at Marina Square - even as early as 7.30 am. Breakfast for local Singaporeans are usually a simple yet satisfying affair of two soft-boiled eggs, kaya toast as well as a cup of coffee at Ya Kun. However, we’ve decided instead, to have a big lunch at one of the famous Japanese vegetarian restaurants at Bugis. So, we just grabbed a cup of coffee (or kopi if you want to speak like a local), and then off we go on an adventure!

If you want a breakfast set before your adventure, book our Funvee Bus with Breakfast tour to kickstart your day. 

FunVee Open-top Sightseeing Bus

Photo by https://trevallog.com/

10.45 a.m. - Board the FunVee Orange Bus

We made our way towards the Pan Pacific Marina bus stop and made sure to be there at least fifteen minutes early. The bus arrives on time, and once we board, we made our way up to enjoy what could be the best view on any moving vehicle! The mornings are probably the best time because the air is cool and fresh on our skin and the sun is pleasantly warm as well. Time for lots of photo taking, we think!

Pro-tip: You can board the bus at any of our designated stops! Just refer to our FunVee bus schedule to get the location and the arrival time of the first bus for the day. 

Cruise along the Singapore Marina Bay

Marina Bay View from the top of the FunVee Open-top Bus

11.30 am - Hop off the bus at opposite Hotel Rendezvous

The bus would take you through some of the iconic tourist attractions in Singapore. Feast your eyes on the Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands and Chinatown like never before! Take the best photos of these tourist attractions from the top of our funvee bus. Once the bus turns into Stamford Road, be prepared to drop off at the next stop.

Pro-tip: You can also ask your friendly bus driver to help you get off at the right spot!

Zen Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant in Singapore

12.00 pm - Lunch like a local at Zen Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant

It’s a short walk to Sunshine Plaza, so we whipped out our phones and activated our Maps so we don’t get lost. (If you’re really bad at directions like us, we recommend doing the same as well!) On the way, there’s a stretch of Thai restaurants that offer delicious options as well. We would have stopped for a bite, but our craving to try out the vegetarian Japanese food was too strong, so we had to resist!

The restaurant itself was cosy, and the staff was warm and welcoming. There was a large variety of food, ranging from starters to main courses as well as dessert. Our favourite would have to be the avocado rolls and the mochi! $2.00 for a large pot of tea isn’t too shabby either.

The restaurant can be found at the address below:

Zen Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant
122 Middle Road, #02-02 Midlink Plaza
Tel: +65 6883 1586

Chinese Temple in Singapore

Chinese Temple in Singapore

1.00 pm - Exploration at Bugis

Bellies full, we headed out towards Fortune Centre where we found - surprise, surprise - even more food! We were drawn to a lovely dessert place that served amazing coffee and waffle ice cream as well as the fortune-telling shops within the complex. Once out of the building, we passed by Sri Khrisnan Temple as well as the famous Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho temple. Locals practise cross-worshipping at this location, a practice commonly seen as proof of Singapore's multi-religious society, where many of the devotees offer worship at both temples. 

Singapore street food

Singapore Street Food

By then, our feet are killing us, so we moved towards Fu Lu Shou complex where we went for a 30-minute back rub to soothe our aches and pains away. Not a bad way to spend $35, we think! All that walking made us a little hungry for a small snack and cold drinks. Lucky for us, Bugis Street is not too far away. 

Bugis Street Market

Bugis Street Market

Looking to buy souvenirs back? This street is packed full of souvenirs, clothes, bags and street food all at affordable prices. We grabbed some ice-cold drinks and some pancakes before heading off to the Village Hotel Bugis to board on our FunVee bus and continue on our journey!

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