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Singapore Nightlife Activities
Things To Do  3 min read
Top 4 Hot Spots to Enjoy Nightlife Activities in Singaporel

Singapore’s nightlife scene has enough of a buzz to thrill even the most seasoned of party goers. From rooftop bars and nightclubs to hawker centers and street markets, there's something for everyone, whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert - yes, we have you in mind as well, dear ones!

Ramadan Activities in Singapore
Things To Do  3 min read
Ramadan Activities In Singapore To Make The Holy Month Special

Ramadan begins in March this year for Muslims around the world, including in Singapore. As such, you can expect your Singaporean-Muslim friends to eagerly participate in this month-long event with prayers, fasting, self-reflection and also engaging in some leisurely activities with families.

Kid-friendly activities in Singapore
Things To Do  3 min read
Fun Things To Do With Kids In Singapore

There’s a tonne of kid-friendly activities to take your pick from, right here in Singapore! Whether they have a love of the outdoors or are just the type who prefers being indoors, here are some of the popular attractions to cater to the interests of kids of all ages.

3 Things You Need To Do At Arab Street Singapore
Things To Do  3 min read
1 Day Guide To Experiencing Singapore Like A Local

Have you always been curious about the bright, orange open-top bus that’s whizzing around the city and wondered where they might be heading to? Well, here’s a sneak peek into the adventures you might have on the FunVee buses!

3 Things You Need To Do At Arab Street Singapore
Things To Do  3 min read
3 Things You Need To Do At Arab Street

Singapore’s iconic Arab Street is accessible via our FunVee Open Top Bus Tour. Located just two minutes away from your scheduled drop at Ophir Road, a short walk will take you to a world of new experiences.

4 Things To Do On Valentine's Day In Singapore
Things To Do  3 min read
4 Things To Do On Valentine's Day In Singapore

Valentine’s Day in Singapore is a popular holiday. While normally associated with romance, it’s also a day when friends just band together and celebrate each other’s company and relationships.

5 Ways to Kickstart 2023 in Singapore
Things To Do  3 min read
5 Ways To Kickstart 2023 In Singapore

2023 has finally arrived - and it’s time to take full advantage of the many activities available in our vibrant and colourful city-state! Whether you’re thinking of ways to spend time with the family, or setting out on a solo exploration, there’s always something for everyone to enjoy.

Christmas in Singapore 2022
Things To Do  3 min read
6 Holiday-Themed Activities This Christmas Season In Singapore 2022

Planning anything to do during Christmas? Though Singapore does not have reindeer or snow, this little red dot have plenty of holiday-themed experiences to keep us all entertained.

Halloween night in Singapore
Things To Do  3 min read
7 Spooky Activities This Halloween Season 2022

Feeling a chill run down your spine this October? Something strange is back in town… You guessed it, Halloween is just around the corner and Singapore has definitely outdone itself once again with a spooky lineup of activities this Halloween.

Singapore Night Out
Things To Do  3 min read
10 Best Things To Do On A Night Out In Singapore

Singapore’s calendar is marked with events that culminate in exciting nightlife, firework spectaculars, light shows and festivals which means you are never too far from the next big event on your visit to Singapore.

Singapore Night City Skyline
Things To Do  3 min read
7 Things To Do In Singapore City After Dark

After the sun sets, revel in bright lights and bustling vibes as Singapore city skyline welcomes the curtain of night with a plethora of sights and sounds guaranteed to leave you venturing out for attractions, shopping, bar hopping and even some late-night sightseeing.

Singapore Budget Travel Experiences
Things To Do 3 min read
7 Budget Travel Experiences in Singapore For Less Than $100

Singapore bursts with life all year round, from popular attractions to hideouts waiting to be discovered.

1 Day Singapore Travel Guide
Things To Do  3 min read
The Essentials of Singapore - 1 Day Travel Guide

This little red dot holds a bustling, urban hub littered with skyscrapers all around. For such a small island, it is no wonder that many tourists plan short stopovers on this sunny island to make the most of their travels.

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