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3 Things You Need To Do At Arab Street Singapore




January 27, 2023

Singapore’s iconic Arab Street is accessible via our FunVee Open Top Bus Tour. Located just two minutes away from your scheduled drop at Ophir Road, a short walk will take you to a world of new experiences. Be prepared to immerse yourself in a historically rich location with a first-hand glimpse into Singapore’s Islamic heritage, food and culture. Here are the 5 things you need to do when you get there.

Sultan Mosque Singapore

Sultan Mosque Singapore 

1) Visit the Sultan Mosque

The Sultan mosque is one of the oldest Islamic architecture in Singapore. It was first built for Sultan Hussein in 1824, upgraded in 1932 and then designated as a national monument in 1975. It’s easily identified by two distinctive golden domes - the base of which is adorned with glass bottles that were collected as donations from poor Muslims. It was the perfect way to include poor Muslims in the mosque-building project.

Visitors are welcome on specific days and times, so be sure to check out the designated hours before dropping by! 

Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Food in Singapore

Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food at Arab Street Singapore

2) Eat all the food. ALL of it. 

Singapore is a food paradise in its own right, and Arab Street is the place to be if you’re a fan of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food. At just 2 minutes away from the Sultan Mosque, you’ll be greeted with fragrant aromas of grilled meats from the rows of Turkish restaurants. Whether you fancy a bit of lamb, beef or chicken, you’re almost guaranteed to be served with well-seasoned and succulent meats at reasonable price points. 10 out of 10 will recommend.

If this is too heavy a selection for you, there are also cafes, bars and food places that offer snacks or a lighter meal. You’ll enjoy a selection of Chinese, Malay and Indian fares at reasonable prices. There’s certainly something for everyone! 

The shophouses on Arab Street Singapore

Singapore Night Safari Tram Experience

3) Walk into the quaint little shops to buy souvenirs, clothes and more

The shophouses on Arab Street are home to businesses that sell unique knickknacks and items that make perfect souvenirs. Shophouses are essentially a product of different architectural influences such as European-inspired windows and Malay timber fretwork. As one would say, “we don’t make them like these anymore.”, and it's almost hard to imagine that these were the types of houses that the locals would live in years ago!

It’s here that you can find Turkish-inspired lamps, accessories and even clothing or scarfs worn by the local Muslim community. The perfume stores are also available for those wanting to bring home some fragrant souvenirs.

Singapore is rich with different cultural experiences, and they’re all accessible via our Open Top Bus Tour! Travel our way - the FunVee way - today! 

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