Singapore March holiday activities for family
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Explore the Best March Holiday Activities for Family in Singapore!




February 14, 2023

March school holidays in Singapore are a treasure trove of excitement and learning. City Tours offers a rich palette of activities that cater to every family's taste, ensuring your holiday is packed with joy and unforgettable experiences. 

1. Historical Excursion: Captain Explorer DUKW™ Tour

Embark on a historical adventure with the Captain Explorer DUKW™ Tour. This unique amphibious journey is not just a tour; it's a time capsule on wheels, bringing Singapore's past alive with stories and sights. From land to sea, experience the splash into Marina Bay with your kids.

Captain Explorer SIngapore DUKW DUCK Tour

2. Sentosa's Thrill: AJ Hackett Giant Swing

Feel the adrenaline with AJ Hackett Giant Swing at Sentosa. This isn't just a swing; it's a challenge to the brave, a rush of wind, and a memorable moment shared with family. Soar through the air on the AJ Hackett Giant Swing for a thrilling, high-speed adventure with spectacular beach views. 

AJ Hackett Sentosa Singapore Giant Swing

3. Cityscape Panorama: FunVee LAND, SEA & SKY Experience

Capture stunning views from the open deck as you traverse the Central Business District and Marina areas on top of FunVee Open-top Bus, then embark on the Captain Explorer DUKW Tour and splash into Marina Bay for a breathtaking view of the Merlion. Finally end at the Sands SkyPark Observation Deck for a breathtaking 360-degree views from atop a megastructure. This combination of tours promises an unforgettable exploration of Singapore's rich cultural and historical heritage. Grab your discounted tickets here.

FunVee LAND, SEA & SKY Singapore Experience

4. Interactive Excitement: Sentosa 4D Adventureland

Dive into the world of interactive entertainment at Sentosa 4D Adventureland. This place brings stories to life, offering a cinematic experience that's as real as it gets. It's an ideal destination for families and adventure seekers looking to experience thrilling virtual simulations and engaging attractions in a unique 4D environment.

Singapore Sentosa 4D Adventureland 4-in-1 Pass

5. Sky-High Adventure: Singapore Flyer and DUKW Tour

Explore Singapore's beauty from different perspectives with the Singapore Flyer and Captain Explorer DUKW tours. The Singapore Flyer offers breathtaking aerial views from one of the world's tallest Ferris wheels, while the Captain Explorer DUKW tour combines a historical journey on land and a unique splash into the Marina Bay. A perfect activity for the young and old.

Singapore Flyer

6. Aquatic Escape: Adventure Cove Waterpark

Adventure Cove Waterpark is more than a waterpark; it's an oasis of fun, where every slide and every wave brings a new adventure and a smile. It's an ideal destination for families and water enthusiasts seeking a refreshing and exciting escape.

Singapore Adventure Cove Waterpark

7. Movie Magic: Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore takes you beyond the screen, into a world of fantasy and wonder. Here, every corner is a new story, every ride a new adventure.It's a dynamic blend of thrilling entertainment and magical experiences for families and movie enthusiasts.

Universal Studios Singapore

8. Winter Wonderland: Snow City Singapore

Snow City Singapore is your escape to a frosty wonderland. In the tropics of Singapore, this is where snowflakes dance and winter dreams come alive. It's a perfect destination for families looking for a cool adventure and a touch of winter in Singapore.

Snow City Singapore

9. Toy Treasure Trove: MINT Museum of Toys

The MINT Museum of Toys isn't just a museum; it's a journey back in time. It's where memories are housed and childhoods are relived. It is a unique museum showcasing an extensive array of vintage toys and collectibles, perfect for your family activity this March.

Singapore Mint Museum of Toys

10. A Sanctuary of Color and Song: Bird Paradise

Bird Paradise in Singapore is a sanctuary where the beauty and diversity of avian life come alive. It's a vibrant and colorful world that immerses visitors in the sights and sounds of various bird species, blending natural wonder with conservation education.

Singapore Birds of Paradise Zoo

March school holidays are a time for families to bond, explore, and create lasting memories. City Tours brings you the essence of Singapore through these diverse and engaging activities. Whether it's the thrill of adventure, the beauty of exploration, or the warmth of nostalgia, there's something for every family.

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