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Discovering Singapore: Through the Eyes of an Indian Traveller




April 11, 2024

As an Indian voyager stepping into Singapore, I was embraced by a city where tradition dances with modernity under a shared sky. For me, this city-state revealed itself as a kaleidoscope of experiences, blending the familiar with the excitingly new. The energetic pulse of Little India, coupled with the avant-garde allure of Gardens by the Bay, positioned Singapore as a haven for every traveller's desire. And for a vegetarian like myself, the city unfolded as a culinary dream.

FunVee Singapore City Tour on Big Open-top Bus

Embarking on the Singaporean adventure, the FunVee Hop on and off city sightseeing bus tour became my trusty steed. This hop-on, hop-off bus is not merely about convenience; it's an enlightening journey across Singapore's landmarks, tailored perfectly for someone from India, bringing a sense of calm exploration amidst excitement.

Little India Singapore City Tours

Little India: A Piece of Home

My adventure kicked off in Little India, a vibrant quarter that mirrors the essence of the Indian subcontinent. Disembarking the FunVee Double-decker Open-top Bus, I was wrapped in a tapestry of colors and the spicy fragrance of Indian cuisine. A visit to the Indian Heritage Centre became a priority, offering a window into the stories of Indians in Singapore and their rich contributions to this multicultural city.

Little India Mustafa Singapore Shopping Centre

A shopping escapade at Mustafa Centre was inevitable. Open round-the-clock, this shopping paradise offered everything from souvenirs and electronics to authentic Indian spices, all under one roof.

Singapore Komala Vilas
Singapore Indian Vegetarian Food

Vegetarian Delights: Culinary Wonders

The food scene in Singapore is a vegetarian's paradise, boasting an array of choices from traditional Indian dishes to East Asian vegetarian delights. Komala Vilas in Little India became a favorite, with the flavors of South Indian cuisine enveloping me in nostalgia. Meanwhile, exploratory taste buds led me to savor vegetarian sushi and Chinese vegetarian options in Bugis. The FunVee Open-top Big City Tours Bus was the perfect culinary carousel around Singapore.

Singapore Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome

Gardens by the Bay: A Vision of Tomorrow

A journey to Gardens by the Bay, easily accessible on the FunVee Hop on and Off Bus City Tours route, felt like stepping into the future. The juxtaposition of Supertree Grove and Flower Dome against the traditional backdrop of Little India highlighted Singapore's aspiration of being a "City in a Garden," blending nature with innovation seamlessly.

Singapore Orchard Road Shopping

Orchard Road, Bugis Street, and More

Shopping enthusiasts would revel in the glitz of Orchard Road, while Bugis Street offered a more grounded shopping and food experience. The contrast underscored Singapore's dynamic nature, catering to luxury seekers and budget travelers alike.

Sentosa: An Isle of Marvels

A trip to Singapore wouldn't be complete without a day at Sentosa Island, a cornucopia of entertainment. Whether reaching the island by bus or cable car, attractions like Universal Studios Singapore and S.E.A. Aquarium awaited. The Fun Sentosa Pass was the golden ticket to endless amusement at a steal.

Attractions in Sentosa Island

Singapore, with its rich cultural mosaic, presented a unique narrative to me as an Indian traveller. From indulging in diverse vegetarian cuisines, delving into the heart of Little India, to wandering through the futuristic vistas of Gardens by the Bay, Singapore was a journey of endless discovery and joy. It's time to pack your bags and let the Lion City bewitch you with its array of wonders.

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